This is actually a test showing how sponges pump water through themselves for filter feeding!
They simply colored the water around them so you could easily see the process.


secret of the ooze

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when someone in an argument has missed the point so much you just


OH GOD if you drag the image in chrome and overlay it back over the gif, you get a still image of him in the chair while it looks like his ghost stands up and leaves his body.

this is important


It got better.

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ppl act as if humans aren’t capable of having strokes… I’m good!!!

Maybe shes humble like Shakyra Lawson or hardworking like Meosha Williams. Loyal like Alicia Watson or fierce like Katelun Wimberly. God fearing like Camile McNeil or excels in the classroom like Reshena Clark. Has a mind like Jessica Nathan and resembles Dezire Gomez who shows nothing less than a pure heart. She may be fly like Domonique Manns, or a Derri Bryant who negates the distance between them & supports her man. Or even a Kelly Ann Mangum who’s patient regardless of the trouble that hits the fan. Beauty is more than skin tones & curves; sometimes beauty is acknowledged in the way you speak. Often times beauty is found in the elements of women that are not often seen. Will you bring tranquility, peace & serenity to the most heated situation(s)? Do you have the ability to balance social, love & family life all while staying on point with your occupation? When your man does wrong, are you capable of forgiving & repairing or forgiving & moving on without spiteful intentions? Do you understand that once you commit no other man should have your attention? Do you display a certain attitude, an act of confidence that assures your man you two will be nothing less than permanent? Will you show him God? Will you reveal to him that True Love is when spouses connect spiritually & mentally, not just physically? Will you express that having God as the 1st strand in relationship commends that it’s meant to be? Will you challenge his mind? Enter his thoughts to explore his goals, dreams & aspirations? Revealing to him that college isn’t for everybody, but on the same accord there’s nothing like receiving an education. Will your love be unconditional, patient, enduring, unselfish, kind & forgiving? Will your love define God & everything He believes in? Will you get fly together? Splurge together? And be that fashionistic diva he wants to show off because that’s definitely not a problem; but also know when to tighten up & be there when he needs a problem solver. Will you be patient with him? Knowing he’s man; knowing his flaws; knowing he’s not perfect? Will you be patient enough when all seems to be failing to show him you two are worth it? Any female can be a woman, from birth you’re already apart of that regime. But to be who every man should want, who every man needs; it takes a special type of female to walk amongst Beautiful Black Queens.



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